Oral Surgery

Restorative Dentist Holland, MI

Holland Oral Surgery DentistChoosing our dental practice means you won’t have to deal with the hassle of being referred to another dentist for oral surgery.

Our Holland dentist has experience placing dental implants and saving teeth with root canal therapy. You can count on our expertise to make sure your teeth are restored to their full function and health after dental oral surgery.

Oral Surgery Services

A dental implant is a titanium rod inserted in your jawbone that acts much like a natural tooth root would to later support an abutment and porcelain crown. To be a candidate for dental implant surgery, you’ll need healthy jawbone tissue. However, our dentist may recommend a bone graft if your jawbone is too weak or thin to support a tooth implant. While the dental implant procedure takes several months, many of our patients feel that it is worth it to have a tooth that looks and feels natural.

Root Canal Therapy

You may need a root canal if your cavity is deep enough to penetrate the dental pulp (living tissue inside your tooth). Once this happens, the only way to save your tooth is through root canal therapy. During the dental surgery, our dentist will drill a hole through the top of your tooth and carefully remove infected dental pulp.

During root canal surgery, our dentist may flush the inside of your tooth with water. Once the inside of the tooth is clean, it will be filled and sealed. To restore your tooth to its original strength our dentist will place a dental filling and root canal crown over top.

We aim to minimize the stress, fear and uncertainty!

Our Holland oral surgery dentist at David Oswald DDS is dedicated to helping patients maintain beautiful healthy smiles. To schedule an appointment with our Holland oral surgeon, call our office at (616) 392-2587.