Holland Dentist David Oswald DDS

Dr. Oswald and his staff are great. Always available for emergencies.

Enrike Ylore

They are very kind and accommodating. I’m wheelchair bound and they allowed me to stay in my chair.

Ben Vick

Had an infected wisdom tooth this past Father’s Day and Dr Oswald took time away from his family to call in a prescription. Then got me in the next day to have it removed. Even though the tooth and jaw was infected, he removed it quickly and kept the pain to a minimum. Never been to a dentist other than him, but I can’t imagine there is a better one out there. Always the highest quality and professionalism. Thank you!

Vince Huizenga

My whole life I have come here and every time i walk in everyone is so confident and relaxing!! I have yet to get anything done that has given me any discomfort or pain!! And the work comes out Flawless every time! He is the very best!

Bri Huizenga

This guy has always been wonderful. His staff is friendly and gracious and professional. I HATED the dentist til I met Doctor Oswald and his crew. I can’t give them enough praise. They have transformed my smile.

Patrick Cooper

Dr. Oswald and his staff are amazing! I was very anxious to have some work done, but they all went above and beyond making me as comfortable as possible. Thank you so much for a good experience.

Peggy Hennessey

Dr. Oswald is great! Our whole family sees him and he has always done a fantastic job. I had a nightmare experience having a wisdom tooth removed by an oral surgeon so he offered to remove the rest for me. Each tooth was over and done without me realizing he’d even begun the procedure! It was crazy! His staff is also a highlight as they truly care about your specific circumstances. If you are considering a new dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Oswald!

Kyle Leathers